How to Measure Nail Sizes

Option 1 (Recommended)

The best way to determine your size is by purchasing a Sizing Kit at our store. Different nail shapes and lengths can fit differently, so we recommend our clients to buy a new Sizing Kit not only when trying our nails for the first time but also when experimenting with a new shape or length.

If you have already purchased a Sizing Kit from us for a specific shape/length and don't want to buy another set when trying a new shape or length, please contact us at We will recommend a size for you based on the Sizing Kit you previously purchased.

If you have already purchased a sizing chart from other stores, please provide us with your sizes in millimeters, as sizes may differ between stores. For instance, a size 0 at our store might correspond to 19 millimeters, while at other stores, it could be 18 millimeters.

Purchase Sizing Kits

Option 2

Measure Nail Sizes with a Ruler or Measuring Tape.

Enhance Press-On Nails Fitting

There are various shapes of nail beds. We highly recommend taking 2 photos of your nails like below. Capture a front photo of your left or right hand to show the shape of
your nail beds, and a side photo of your left or right hand to show the level of curvature of your nails.

This step is optional! You could send photos to, after making an order. By gaining insight into your nail bed shape, we can expertly sculpt the press on nails, ensuring optimal comfort. As a luxury press-on nails boutique, we take pride in delivering a customized set of press-on nails tailored just for you!